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The Best Fetish Parties

Take your friends along

What is the best party - for you? Is it the big party with famous models in great shows, is it where you got high and drunk and don't remember much, or is it the event where you have sex?

You always have more fun if you go with some friends, in a group. It's great to see shows, it's just as great to see and meet the famous models, but most important is having fun yourself. For most people that is when you meet new friends, or when you go out with your old friends. You get the best experience out of all events of you are brave enough to talk to new and interesting people. Nobody will come running to talk to you - unless you are famous and rich, or maybe a sexy young girl!

Remember to dress the right way, know the "dress code", if you are new to fetish parties! The right way to dress is (almost) always to look sexy and attractive! That is when you get the best interaction with other people at the party.

One of the main reasons for going to Fetish Parties is that they offer the use of play equipment - crosses, cages, punishment benches, hooks and suspension frames - that only a few private people have at home.

Which party is the best - for you? Most people go only to the local parties, near their house. A few get so hooked on great fetish parties, that they happily travel thousands of miles to find a new and better party. However, travelling is expensive, so this is only for a limited few.

Big and famous or small and intimate

The big and famous parties have a special attraction, with elaborate shows and performances by the best artists in the fetish world, and a lot of beautifully dressed professional dominatrixes. Sometimes they draw thousands of fetish party-goers, the record is probably Wasteland in Holland that had over 4000 guests at the peak. Names like Torture Garden, Clinic, Boudoir Bizarre, Alter Ego, German Fetish Ball, Nuit Demonia, and many more are some famous names. The bigger parties are not famous for a lot of bdsm play, but there is definetly play going on also at the bigger events.

Smaller events might not have as great shows, but are more intimate, you get a better chance to actually talk to people and get to know them. There is usually more bdsm play going on at smaller parties, for the ones looking for play. A few parties are known especially as play parties, where there is not so much dresscode, but where the guests are expected to participate in the play.

Maybe you are looking for events with a lot of fantasy and creativity in the looks and outfits. Then London and Japan are places to look, that is where you find the most creativity and variation in outfits. Try Torture Garden in London, and some of the fetish parties in Japan. You will be impressed, and a lot of the guests have actually made their outfits themselves. The germans do a lot of latex (which is very sexy indeed), but mostly black, and when everyone has a black expensive latex catsuit it does turn more into a uniform. One german party organiser expressed it as 'it is quite allowed with a little colour' to make people dress in colour!

Weeklong events

All people we have spoken to put the weekend or week-long events where people stay at the same hotel on the top of their list. Instead of just getting to know new people, you might make life-long friends at long-lasting events. This is why they are so special. Some of the top events are OWK Celebrations, Fetish Evolution, Kink in the Caribbean, and also German Fetish Ball, London Fetish Weekend. You need quite a lot of money for the trip, the hotel, tickets and drinks, however you can also have a lot of fun at these events, so it is usually an experience to remember.

Swingers Clubs are an alternative, not in the way people dress, but in the acceptance of the bdsm sex style. Almost all swinger clubs in Germany, Holland and Belgium have a s/m room with decent or good equipment. Swingers clubs are a real alternative for those looking for more sexy participation in the bdsm lifestyle, though the shows are not there, and the dresscode is limited. Most swingers clubs accept fetish clothes instead of towels or nudity though.

Fetish Bars are an interesting category, like a bar where you can go without paying a hefty entrance fee, and still meet likeminded fetish people. We have not seen many of these, there is one in Berlin, a couple in Hamburg, a couple in Japan, and there was fetish bars in Stockholm and Amsterdam but that was a long time ago. The fact that there are not many fetish bars in the world must mean that there are not enough customers to support them, so even if you go to Henri's Fetish Bar in Berlin, don't expect it to be crowded every day. However, when the mood is right, these places are a great meeting spot.

Pro Dom studios

Professional domination studios sometimes offer party events, for sure mainly to promote their paid domination services, but many of these events are great value for money, especially in Germany where it is common. You pay a fairly large entrance fee, but it usually includes small snacks, and all drinks, and of course the use of the excellent play equipment. You are free to bring your own partner, and couples are really welcome. These parties are always small, less than 50 people, and you get to know people in an intimate way. Some of the best studio parties in Germany are organised by Residenz Avalon in Berlin, where the premises are great.

Going abroad, to another country, is a great way of getting a perspective of how fetish parties and fetish play is in other countries. You meet a lot of other seasoned fetish travellers, and get an invaluable experience from various events, dungeons, and play styles. The drawback is travelling costs serious money, even though these clubs are relatively cheap compared to where the rich people go. Recommended countries for larger events are Germany, Holland, Britain, USA, and Japan, though you find interestimg events also in other european countries.


Berlin has some of the most diverse fetish bars and clubs, though Berlin never manages to gather several thousands of revellers. Tourists who want to experience the sinful and sexy Berlin usually go to Kit Kat Club (which is good), though the germans actually first go to Insomnia (swingers fetish), and then later move on to Kit Kat - when all the tourists have gone back to the hotels. Another possiblity is to start at Gargoyle or Equipage, or even Second Face, and then go over to Kit Kat. If you really want to live fetish, then spend a few nights at Residenz Avalon, where you can stay in a hotel room in the dungeon. There is an on-line guide to events in Berlin (in german language), however it lists only the current month so it is of limited use towards the end of the month. And does not give enough advance information for planning a trip.


London has some of the best Fetish and BDSM clubs, however there is nothing regular every weekend that is excellent. It is a little difficult to find the good parties. However the London Fetish Scene calendar lists almost all events for 2-3 months in the future, so that helps you in planning. The downside is that the calendar is not very clear (for visitors) on what is a big or a small party. It is however one of the best guides on the internet.